Article I Purpose This Implementing Arrangement is entered into by the Taipei Eco-nomic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States ( TECRO), formerly known as the Coordination Council for North Am-erican Affairs (CCNAA), and the American Institute in Taiwan (A-IT), hereinafter referred to as the “parties", to implement pro-gram activities under the Agreement between CCNAA and AIT for T-echnical Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection, dated June 21, 1993 (the “CCNAA/AIT Agreement"). TECRO, through its cooperating agency, the Environmental Protection Administra-tion in Taipei (EPAT), in cooperation with AIT, through its coo-perating agency, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Wa-shington D.C. (EPA), shall carry out program tasks, determine p-riorities for future cooperation activities, and develop Implem-enting Arrangements which shall set forth work programs for suchfuture activities. Article II Authorization The activities described in this Implementing Arrangement shall be carried out under the general terms and conditions of the CC-NAA/AIT Agreement. This Implementing Arrangement is hereby atta-ched to the CCNAA/AIT Agreement and becomes part of the Agreeme-nt. Article III Scope of Work Program tasks to be carried out under this Implementing Arrange-ment are summarized in Attachment 1 (TECRO-AIT Technical Cooper-ation Program — Summary and Description) and Attachment 2 (TEC-RO-AIT Technical Cooperation Program Estimated Budget). Article IV Responsibilities of AIT The responsibilities of ATT under this Implementing Arrangement are: A.To undertake the tasks and manage the funds set forth in the Attachments; B.To make available personnel, equipment and other assistance as may be necessary to carry out such tasks; C.To facilitate and provide support for consultations between a- nd among representatives of TECRO, EPAT, EPA and other approp- riate agencies; and D.To report on an annual basis or at the end of the term of this Implementing Arrangement to TECRO on AIT’s use of funds recei- ved from TECRO pursuant to Article VI. Articel V Responsibilities of TECRO The responsibilities of TECRO under this Implementing Arrangeme-nt are: A.To provide all necessary financial assistance in accordance w- ith Article V of the CCNAA/AIT Agreement and Article VI of th- is Implementing Arrangement, as well as administrative and ot- her assistance to support AIT in undertaking the tasks set fo- rth in the Attachments; B.To provide guidance for and to facilitate consultations betwe- en and among representatives of EPAT, AIT, and other appropri- ate agencies; and C.To ensure that all necessary logistical arrangements for tasks to be conducted in Taiwan, including the provision of training and conference facilities, are completed prior to the commenc- ement of each such task. Article VI Financial Arrangements In accordance with Article V of the CCNAA/AIT Agreement and pri-or to the commencement of activities by AIT under this Implemen-ting Arrangement, during each of the fiscal years for which thisImplementing Arrangement is in force, TECRO shall advance to AITthe amount of funds (in U.S. dollars) specified in the Attachme-nts to this Implementing Arrangement. These funds shall be used by AIT to defray costs that it incurs in carrying out the tasks that are indicated in the Attachments to be undertaken during s-uch fiscal year. Upon receipt of funds from TECRO for each such fiscal year, AIT shall commence such tasks. Any funds received by AIT from TECRO that remain at the end of the term of this Implementing Arrangement shall be returned to TECRO. Article VII Intellectual Property Considerations No intellectual property or confidential business information c-onsiderations are expected to arise in conjunction with activit-ies to be undertaken pursuant to this Implementing Arrangement. Article VIII Effective Date, Amendment and Termination This Implementing Arrangement shall enter into force on the dateof the last signature hereinafter, may be amended by written ag-reement of the Parties at any time, and will remain in force fortwo years unless extended or terminated by mutual agreement. Te-rmination shall not affect the validity or duration of activiti-es not fully completed at the time of termination. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized, havesigned this Implementing Arrangement. DONE at Washington, D.C., in duplicate, in the English language. FOR THE TAIPEI ECONOMIC AND FOR THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE CULTURAL REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE IN TAIWAN: IN THE UNITED STATES: [Signed] [Signed] Name: Chen Rong-jye Name: J. Richard Beck Title: Deputy representative Title: Deputy Managing Director Date: June 26, 1995 Date: June 26, 1995 ATTACHMENT 1: TECRO-AIT Technical Cooperation Program -Summary and Description ATTACHMENT 2: TECRO-AIT Technical Cooperation Program -Estimated