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TOP PICKS FOR 5/23/2017

Police: Husband, wife dead in Woodridge apartment shooting

Two people are dead and a third is in critical condition after a shooting late Monday at an apartment in Woodridge, police said Tuesday. Full Story

Police: Des Plaines boy accidentally shot by his younger brother has died

A 15-year-old Des Plaines teen who was accidentally shot in the face by his 10-year-old brother has died, Des Plaines police announced Tuesday afternoon. Full Story

Dann Gire remembers agent of change Roger Moore for his charm, wit and ‘humility’

Actor Roger Moore has died of cancer at 89, leaving a legacy of TV shows and films, among them seven James Bond movies he infused with charm and self-effacing humor. Daily Herald film critic Dann Gire remembers his 1981 interview with the star of "For Your Eyes Only." Full Story

Manchester police name bomber, hunt for accomplices

Investigators hunted Tuesday for possible accomplices of the suicide bomber who attacked an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22 people and sparking a stampede of young concertgoers. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the Monday night carnage, but a top American intelligence official said the claim could not be verified.  Full Story

Antioch man killed in crash with school bus in Wisconsin

An Antioch man was killed Friday when his van rear-ended a school bus in Trevor, Wisconsin, authorities said. Full Story

Elgin man admits illegally recording woman in shower during domestic attack

An Elgin man will be sentenced June 23 after pleading guilty to unauthorized video recording during a domestic attack. Full Story

Trump budget: More for the military, less for the poor

The Trump administration sends Congress $4.1 trillion spending plan featuring deep cuts in safety net programs. Full Story

Kristin Chenoweth to play the Paramount in Aurora

Tickets go on sale soon to see Kristin Chenoweth ("Wicked," "Glee") at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. The Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress performs in concert on Saturday, Nov. 4. Full Story

Music notes: Scott Stapp unplugs at the Arcada

Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp visits St. Charles’ Arcada Theatre with his "Live and Unplugged" tour. More on this and other musical events. Full Story

Inverness woman’s Apollo 11 moon dust could fetch up to $4M at auction

An Inverness attorney says she hopes Apollo 11 lunar samples she’s placing up for auction in July wind up in good hands. A Sotheby’s spokesman said the auction is expected to bring $2 million to $4 million. Full Story

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