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Today’s Rundown

  1. Senate must focus on value in healthcare, not just access
  2. How healthcare providers can put clinical integration in motion
  3. Bridge cultural gaps to provide optimal patient care
  4. The problem with state-led healthcare policy

Featured Story

Senate must focus on value in healthcare, not just access

By Rita Numerof As they take over where the House’s American Health Care Act left off, Republicans in the Senate are focused on finding politically acceptable solutions that reduce spending (and taxes) while minimizing loss of coverage for millions of Americans. The details are important, but they must not crowd out solutions for the fundamental problem we face: We spend far too much on healthcare and aren’t getting the returns we need.

Top Stories

How healthcare providers can put clinical integration in motion

By Dennis Butts Jr. Some providers approach clinical integration as a noun: They simply develop or join an accountable care organization or clinically integrated network, and they’ve reached their destination. In reality, these value-based initiatives will remain in park unless providers consider clinical integration a verb, focusing on actions that drive the transition to value.

Bridge cultural gaps to provide optimal patient care

By Thomas Dahlborg Healthcare leaders talk a great deal about cultural competence, and yet we continue to view this key aspect of healing through our own lens. It is time that we learn to embrace and engage people from all cultures, and to create innovative healing models that bridge the gap between Western and traditional healing.

The problem with state-led healthcare policy

By Leslie Small Ever since Republicans took control of Congress and the White House, there has been a lot of talk about the virtue of letting states—not the federal government—control healthcare policy. But this campaign ignores the fact that states already had a lot of leeway under the ACA, and decentralizing regulations further would simply institutionalize inequality.


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